Can't wait for the full release? Play the demo, today, and kick some Zytron-butt!

A.R.E.S.: Extinction Agenda Demo v1
Kriegsherr - - 557 comments

really cool game, though here's a few things i noticed:

the dialog on the intro vid it's.....well it's not horrible but it could use some work on.

same can be said with the talks between the robot and the purple little person, it talks like a kid dressed as a robot.

one final thing, by using the free fire mode i noticed that he doesn't turn around when I aim behind him, i hope this is implemented as the developments goes

oh and support for 1360x768 screens

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MrChocolateBear Author
MrChocolateBear - - 68 comments

Thanks for the feedback Krieg_91! :D

The in-game dialog is definitely something we plan on revisiting before release, but has taken a back-seat to implementing some other core features.

At the moment free-fire mode is working as intended, but we would appreciate as much feedback, on both control schemes, as we can get.

We'll see about 1360x768 support :)

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Bioknight - - 119 comments

Love your mod, it reminds me o Metroid and Megamon, both awesome games, but yours is in my opinion better...
there are only two things and a question:
1. Perhaps a harder difficulty
2. How Krieg_91 said so nice, the thing with the free fire mod
and the question....When is you net release??

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MrChocolateBear Author
MrChocolateBear - - 68 comments

Thanks, Bioknight! We're really glad you like the demo!

The difficulty will increase a lot as you progress through the game. The demo only showcases one of five different stages we currently have implemented.

When is our next release? Very soon! We're currently in the process of doing some internal testing (and fixing). In the meantime, keep playing the demo and give us as much feedback as you can. The more feedback we receive, the better we can make the game! :)

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zodman1 - - 18 comments


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