The first release of Archer Khanate! What has been added: Reworked factions! Everyone is at war with the Peasant Rebels Reworked Faction! Khergit Khanate is now the Archer Khanate Loads more troops have been added: Archer Tribesman Archer Trainee Archer Footman Archer Veteran Archer Ranger Archer Sniper Peasant Rebel Peasant Hunter Peasant Competitor Peasant Overwatch Peasant watchman Peasant Slaver Peasant Smithy Peasant Fighter Peasant Berserker New Looters! Barbarians More armour! Thanks to Narf for his Plate armour OSP More items: Soulstring Bow New Hero! And much more. Enjoy :)

Archer Khanate- Peasant Rebellion
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