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This release brings in almost all of AA2 other than artifact detectors - the biggest change is the full integration of AA2's weather system. So there are now more weathers and better transitions. It also adds a number of hud, breath, and mask effects from Rulix, Smurth, and AMK. There're new options in the AMK Options menu in-game, so do check that out. There are too many changes in this release so no patch from 2.x, sorry. More detailed list of changes below.

AMK 1.4 Autumn Edition 3.0

I really like this mod, but is there a way you can please tell me how to reduce the mutant spawn rates in version 1.4? I like everything else about 1.4 a lot except that one part, especially in places like Dark Valley were they are so ridiculous I can't finish the quests because the NPCs just all die from massive hoards of every kind of mutants including chimeras and pseudogiants pouring out of the woodwork almost nonstop and completely ruining any chance of stealth.

To finish the quest with the Duty guy there I had to cheat after I reloaded saves like 30+ times trying to do it right, because the mutant armies just wouldn't stop attacking while we were trying to ambush the bandits and save his friend. I went in the mutant configs and nerfed all their fire_wound immunity to hell by raising it to a ridiculous number like 1 million so I could just oneshot them all and get them the hell out of the way, I was so ******, which was hugely de-immersifying, but I had no choice to progress.

Is there certain files I can extract from 1.4.1 to control just this one aspect of the game that would be compatible with the rest of 1.4 and not have to restart a new save game? If so this would make for me the perfect SSoC mod.

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v1ld Author

I'm afraid there's no simple way to do this. 1.4 has the ridiculous spawns. Note that the spawns are random, so they may be less on your next visit.

1.4.1 is what I personally prefer. It has increased spawns, but they're not over the top crazy. If you do restart, please try it out instead of 1.4.

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so i finished amk 1.4+ aa2 and at the end it teleported me somewhere in pripyat. i cant move cant do anything, just staring at the sky and watching how time moves very quickly, is that normal ?

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more enemies?? sounds good cuss theres way too little in vanilla imh :)

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