- All NPCs have the most powerfull weapons and armors in the original (vanilla) game version. - The Barkeepers at Skadovsk and Yanov sells everything, including Gauss Rifle and artifacts. Based on "Barkeeper sells everything" mod by me. - The player have 2.500.000 RU to spend. - It will also enable all mechanics to make all upgrades without any tools or restrictions. (credits to kzmajra) - Each faction wears a diferent suit, generally EXO skeletons of different colors. - Each faction use a different weapon model, generally Unique fully upgraded weapons with armor piercing rounds. - Sway effect when aiming have been added. - Some secret places and stashes have better staff. The purpose of this mod is to replay the game having a very different experience. The mod tries to make the game more hard and fun for people that had already been played the original version. The mod respects the style and balance of the original game version.

All Armed to the Teeth Light (1.0)
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