This is the AdvancedAIMod0.98 /by Lion & r42/, updated and improved by AEI /version 2.6/. The aim of the mod and my improvements is to create the greatest AI available for ZH. There are a lot of new fixes and improvements added by me, and the AI will use more humanlike tactics as well. This mod was also made because the AI in ZH is too easy. It uses stupid tactics, builds mediocre bases and normally has $50k in bank that it will never use. Beating 7 AIs on hard shouldnt be possible but it is, this mod is to change that, giving the AI a better tactical awareness, faster expansion, more viciousness and better economy management.

Advanced AI mod 0.98 improved by AEI v2.6
Dawn-Shade - - 113 comments

OMG! Cool! I'm downloading it!

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AEI Author
AEI - - 187 comments

Have a nice play. :)

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unkn()wn - - 19 comments

Sounds great, can't wait to play.

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smacky! - - 58 comments

AWESOME. damn near the absolute toughest AI - top 5:

1 - CONTRA 005
4 - ADV AI

but after this, may have to re-rank...

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((;^GrimReaper^;)) - - 563 comments

yyeah i got contra the insane ai are pretty easy to me..i can end a 1 vs 7 match in about 15-25 minutes..but idk why but this ai kick my *** to adapt my tactics a little

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Metalloid - - 373 comments

That's a valuable comment. I will look forward to tasting this AI, since NProject is already very interesting with their AI.

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Evulant - - 266 comments

Thank you for releasing this! I'll try it out :D

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AEI Author
AEI - - 187 comments

You're welcome.
Happy holidays!

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piccolo_goku - - 14 comments

Tnx i needed it bad... }:]

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Marcello86 - - 8 comments

when i dont play shockwave and rise of reds i use this mod with progen

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dracopticon - - 10 comments

A very nice AI mod. I've just tested it on a skirmish 8-opponent map, and it was awesome! BUT... I'd really like you guys who made this excellent mod to make it compatible with other mods, preferaby these:

Contra 007
Ride of the Reds
Cold War Crisis (if possible).

Could you do that?? or is it just too much work, possibly the other mod makers don't want it? I hope the best for youin the future, you've made a great job with this! Kindest regards, Erik B, Sweden.

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Guest - - 699,624 comments

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AEI Author
AEI - - 187 comments

Hello. Sorry for the late reply, but i'm busy in RL.
Don't delete them, just make a backup of the original game files. Then use the files from the mod. When you want to return to vanilla AI, delete the mod's files and move back the old backup files to their respective folders.

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TheTimN8er - - 158 comments

This is a bit late, but I want to use this with my own personal mod, could you tell me what was changed in the ini files so I can make those changes?

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AEI Author
AEI - - 187 comments

There is fair amount of changes, so i suggest you use the WinMerge program in order to identify them. Most of them are in AIData.ini

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Gen.Errnad - - 20 comments

For me , this mod is the best mod forever !!!
thanks man!! :D

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AEI Author
AEI - - 187 comments

You are welcome.

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