Improved the cost/build time reduction code to be dynamic (e.g. it honors mod changes to technology) and takes into account province/character modifiers and job actions. As always, this release hasn't been tested extensively for every minimod, so if you have issues please let me know. In addition to vanilla, it includes minimods generated for A Game of Thrones,Ancient Religions Reborn,Birthright2,The Winter King,Castles Expanded,Castles Expanded Without Tech,CK2Plus,Elder Kings 0.2.0,Fantasy! Adds El ves, Dwarves, Dragons, Magic & More!,Flogi's Buildings & Technology Mod,Warhammer: Geheimnisnacht,HIP - Historical Immersion Project,Lux Invicta v0.6K11,MEP 0.6b,Nova Monumenta Iaponi ae Historica (ver.0.5.1),Your Personal Castle,When the World Stopped Making Sense

AB 17-2 (CK2 2.6) All MiniMods + Vanilla
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AB 17-2 (CK2 2.6) All MiniMods + Vanilla has not been tagged yet.