In addition to the fixes included in 17-1d, this includes some fixes for family palaces (which got broken, for me atleast, somewhere along the way) as well as code that attempts to copy your settings to your heir when you die and restart autobuilding. Includes MiniMods generated for Vanilla, AGOT,Castles Expanded,Castles Expanded Without Tech,CK2Plus,Elder Kings 0.2.0,Flogi's Buildings & Technology Mod,Warhammer: Geheimnisnacht,HIP,Lux Invicta v0.6K11,MEP 0.6b,Your Personal Castle,WTWSMS

AB 17-1e (CK2 2.6) All MiniMods + Vanilla
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AB 17-1e (CK2 2.6) All MiniMods + Vanilla has not been tagged yet.