88Nosebleed, Sunday 10-16-16 Communist China fights with the Russians. Was their idea. Special thanks to theharkonnen for his tutorial on making new additional territories in WWII. Without his turorial I could not have made all the territories that now exist. Or I could have not made this mod for his turorial tought me so much more. What I have done here is taken some of the best parts of all the mods I could find and added much more since the last releas I would like to thank everyone who has created a mod and hope they do not take offence at me using portions of their work. You all did a very good Job. This mod is free for anyone to use, borrow from and expand upon to keep this the greatest RTS game of all time. This is what it is all about. I love a good fight.

A&A RTS 10 Country Chinese Mod Added  to WD
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