Version 1.7: Applies a "ton" of balancing changes to correct issues of past versions, bringing the balance closer to the original version in many ways while innovating it at the same time. Also added the Achaemenid Empire and the Mathematics technology. View the changelog for full list of changes.

5thLegacy v1.7

After constructing a Government center, mouse point error. For example, If select two or more unit, mouse point always jump to the Government center.

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I wish you can change graphic for some civ like this
Carthage buildings
Celtics, Gallic and Iberian buildings
Normadic buidings
And here is the forum that provide that image, you can use this for free!
I tried to put this to 5th Legacy mod by using AdvancedGenieEditor3 and SLP Editor, but i don't know why it can't work, or cause some fatal error!

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Proseon5 Author

New building sets are in development, but I can't say if those ones will be used.

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