what’s new: GUI and options Occulus Rift DK2 Direct support(mono mode only) Dynamic map for better navigation[hold M] Look back mode[hold G] 4 Difficulty levels, if you thought it was too easy 2 Locations where you need to pick up bunnies Joystick support Patched levels, less walk through walls bug I added option to skip first levels if you want to jump directly to action[for people who don’t want to walk trhough forest and graveyard where James started his path in sh2] If you want the endings you can wait for 5th version: Lake location and amusement park location. 4+ possible endings depending on how you play, how many times die/hit For next version one more thingy remaining: idea of left4dead style play as monsters against heather[remember the scavenger missions] network support for coop running or vs fighting play as alessa If you found bugs, take a screenshot and send me a private message.

4th version
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