Visit the 3DGE wiki fir 3DGE v2.0.1 CHANGELOG: RELEASED 6/2/2015 + MD2/MD3/MD5/MDL models now display with Masked Blending (all of the time), so now both sides of a 3D model can be viewed without the backface being culled (front-face culling for mirrors is still active). Expensive, but now two-sided models can be rendered. This will eventually become a flag in DDF (MaskBlend in SPECIAL) to allow per-model control rather than the entire model rendering system, in case there are special models that don't require two-sided faces to both be in view. + Bobbing is restored in the source code. No need to tinker with the BOBBING= setting, though restoring Bobbing introduces hindered interpolation (if r_lerp set to "1"). 2.0.2 will have interpolated head bob. You can adjust the bobbing COMMAND to make it less or more severe, depending on your taste. + COAL: Added multiple HUDS for DOOM - now you can choose between the classic HUD, no HUD, or the 3DGE HUD ...-snip-

3DGE v2.0.1
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