18+ Players Only. This is the Rev 43 of series 8 release with patch. This file is mod-foldered and it uses 7z based compression. Actual space uncompressed is about 1,216MB and can be played in four configurations. Please read the read-me folder to follow through on installation instruction. It is recommended that the user has more than 8GB of memory to run this mod. And uses Rome:Total War/Barbarian-Invasion RTW/BI 1.6, as is available through the Rome:Total War Gold Edition or purchase from Steam.

18+ ONLY: Amazons: Total War - Refulgent 8.1Q
ParthianShot Author

Release 8.1Q incorporated the Meroitic Empire to Polemaic Egyptian in an Amazon way. Since Meroe is mostly ruled by female ruler with female warriors, if the Egyptian decides to convert to the Meroitic way, it would allow them to recruit Amazon units.

Current patch allows Egyptian Amazonesque Meroitic units, in order to minimize potential bugs, the future patch of 8.1Q will gradually add strategic and other logic.

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Outstanding support of this project. Thanks.

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Amazing job, love the mod! My armies have never been sexier :)

Hope you guys (girls) expand your work to the Warhammer-Total War engine one day. There is an Amazon Faction in Warhammer Universe, its such a shame we don't have that faction in the game!

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ParthianShot Author

Thank you for your idea, we were trying to be anthropologically based. Despite many ridicules and disagreed views, we were trying to show the simple what-if's, and not trying to create the mod on a purely fantasy based game.

That is the reason we rather go with Attila TW instead of Warhammer TW.

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