18+ Players Only. This is the Rev 41 of series 8 release with patch. This file is mod-foldered and it uses 7z based compression. Actual space uncompressed is about 1,148MB and can be played in four configurations. Please read the read-me folder to follow through on installation instruction. It is recommended that the user has more than 8GB of memory to run this mod. And uses Rome:Total War/Barbarian-Invasion RTW/BI 1.6, as is available through the Rome:Total War Gold Edition or purchase from Steam.

18+ ONLY: Amazons: Total War - Refulgent 8.1O

it's been a long time since I updated this sweet mod :D

I see the rate of updates is at a fast pace! I have a question regarding animal companions on the field of battle, would it be possible to have panthers, tigers, leopards, wolves or lions accompany units who have trained these animals or have them as pets? Im not sure how correct it would be, but it would look good :D

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ParthianShot Author

Thank you for your support!

On the animals, it is documented that ancient chieftains and/or royalties kept animals not just as pets but as weapons of war.

And our dev team did spent a great deal of time to implement, something like what your described.

Unfortunately, the only working animal is the war dog, if we were to add tigers, or leopards, it would take away the war dog's slot in the animation model table.

The other animation for animal is the flaming pigs, but this does not really work in the BI mod for very strange reasons.

So we tried to use the war dog animation model to do tigers, and other animals, and they looked awful.

Hopefully this answers your questions.

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