This is basically a mod that raises the maximum RES%, ABS%, and DR%. They go up to 100%, Though this does not mean you are invincible, as you won't be unless you collect the gear yourself. Installation: Put into your Diablo II Install Directory (1.14D Only). (Shortcut if you want.) Features: 1. 100% Possible ABS%, DR% & RES%. (Res needs to have 25% maximum res) 2. Built-In Multijoin and Hyperjoin for those who TCP/IP or Open. (Keep in mind, If you do this online in MP, you must TCP/IP Join/Host. Joining games with this disables the 100% Cap raise unless you are hosting with it. Finalization: This will not ever work on Median XL or any other mods for the matter. It will never work on BNet Closed. So if you post asking for help, please be sure you are using TCP/IP or SP. Otherwise I will NOT help.

1.14D HyperMulti 100% Cap Mod


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