Fixed many bugs. Gondor: -Citadel Guards now dont split when in Ambush Formation. -Citadel Guards can now Combine with Tower Guards. -Imrahil can now level up. Elves: -Elven barracks is now visible. -Elven units work properly. -Elven Marchwardens have Lothlorien Cloaks when built. -Elven Galadrim Scouts have Strong Arrows when Built. -Hobbits added for Elves. -Elven Barracks cost reduced from 500 to 400. -Elven units can now use upgrades. Known bugs : -Campagin isnt working :(. -Game crashes when Erkenrand levels to lvl 4. Instalation: - put the exetendededition.big in "C:\Documents and Settings\YOURCOMPNAME\Application Data\My Battle for Middle-earth Files" Credits: - BFME + mod team for Elven Units and Buildings. - LGDA mod team for Citadel Guards, Imrahil, Knights of Dol Amroth, Lossarnach Axeman and Dol Amroth Barracks. - QFME mod team for Elven Castle, Camp, Outpost, Statue and Well. - Dead Player for Rohan Warriors and Rohan Spearmen. - Third age net for great articles. Ejoy!

0.4 BugFix
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