After 3 days got this jumbled together. Controls T - Ballast tank control vent/flood 100 liters of water at a time Left/Right arrows - Set rudder +/-5d respective direction Shift+left/right - Set Rudder full port/stbd Up/Down - Set engines telegraph up or down +4 is ahead flank -3 is back full 0 is neutral E - Interact (take control of the sub just aft of the conning tower) ~ for mouse cursor (until a proper GUI or hot-keys is/are setup) 1,2,3,4 - Toggle respective engine on/off (Can click the buttons too)[]P - Attack Periscope Page Up/Down - Raise/Lower periscope (bugged currently but does work) []Mouse wheel - Zoom periscopes or camera views Left/Right mouse button - Take focus back (cameras/periscope)

0.05preTechDemo - 5th Iteration on 3rd day
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