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I'm able to give tanks a "reverse gear" feature but unless i'm overlooking something(s) (which is ENTIRELY possible) no matter what i'm going to need to make versions of the relevant tank models with their movement orientation reversed(?)

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So i have this "Reverse gear" coding for tanks...basically just a variant coding of the entrench extension....

....anyone up for editing a Leman Russ or Predator model so it's movement orientation is reversed and the "reverse gear" code can be properly tested?

This would be nice since tanks are coded in such a way that their rear armour is less resistant to damage, not to mention being able to fire with accuracy while simultaneiously retreating or withdrawing...

Or if someone knows a simpler way i can get tank models to visually reflect that they are making use of the "reverse gear" ability please inform me/link me the relevant data.

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