We are passionate about creating fun, new concepts that we are certain the player will enjoy. For us, games are all about story, atmosphere and gameplay.

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Concept Artist at Westfield Interactive (Working over the internet)

Westfield Interactive is a young Interactive Entertainment team currently working on a global scale over the internet. We strive to create compelling, unique games that aren't afraid to try new things. Our main goal is to develop video games with interesting stories and strong atmospheres that will make the experience linger in the player's head. Using the Industry standard engine UDK, Westfield Interactive hopes make a name for itself in the Interactive Entertainment Industry.

Concept Artist is a very important role in Westfield Interactive, working with the Game Designers you will be creating the look and feel of the video game. Using a digital arts application (such as photoshop) you will design and paint related art (Such as parts of maps, characters, in-game objects) that level designers and modellers can work with. This job will last as long as it takes for the game to be completed and released, just in case we need some last minute concept art. You will not be paid, but you will be highly credited. Remember, all the artwork you make for us is yours, so you can use it in portfolios to help you with your future jobs in the industry.

We do require you to have some specific skills:

• Skills at working with Photoshop (Or a similar application)
• Happy with drawing scenery and characters (If you are particularly good at one, we can split the job to character and scenery Concept Artists)
• Can adapt to different styles of art

You don't need to have any other experience in this field, you just need to show us that you are up for the challenge. Send us both finished and unfinished pieces that you've created. Also, let us know what you think Westfield Interactive is all about and why you want to work for us.

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Send email (With attached images) to westfieldinteractive@gmail.com

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