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Level Designers located Anywhere.

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Tiberian Sun Rising is a Real Time Strategy game being created as a C&C3 Total Conversion mod project. Creating Tiberian Sun as if it was being created this game generation allowing new features, gameplay to be added along with the return of old favourites.

We are now nearing completion of our project and we are looking to expand our Level Design team. We have an international team consisting of coders, artists, designers. This is a mod project so we all contribute from our spare time and in-case it isn't obvious this is an un-payed position. If your interested in modding, making games this ones for you. Aspiring Game Designers/Level Designers this be good for your portfolio.

What we are looking for?

-Gameplay - A strong focus on gameplay of the level is core part of level designers job. Level Designers should pay attention to Resource Placement, Strategic Choke points, Staging Area's, High rise's how different terrain will affect different vehicles/units movement and affect overall strategy.

-We have a Tiberium Ecosystem feature, where Tiberium will mutate life/plantlife on the map and thus will transform strategy of the map as it changes. This feature should be kept in mind and planned for.

-An attention to detail - not only should level have good game play but it should also look nice. Artists can create new asset's for levels if required but level designers will still be in charge of placing these assets and finalising overall look of the level. (In some teams this will be left to the artists while level designers focus on game play we perfer our level designers can do both).

-*Applicants with an example level design for a game (ether working or planned out on paper) is preferred. Please attach upon applying.

Extra's (not required)
-People with Level Design experience any genre/gametype is relevant
-Experience with C&C3's Worldbuilder (Red Alert 3, Kanes Wrath, C&C4 Worldbuilder experience also relevant)
-Experience with Triggers & Scripting a bonus (espically for single player missions later)
-Passion for Command & Conquer
-Alternatively level designers from WarCraft 3/StarCraft 2 level design background should find adapting to the tool set quite easy.

*Applicants if you could attach example level designs and which game they require to play, or if planned out on paper intended game. Level's created & designed for C&C3 are preferred however tools are below if you can give them a try.

If you would like to try your hand at a C&C3 Level Design you can get the tools here and then send it in,
C&C3's Worldbuilder can be found here @ CnC Labs:

To Apply

Please email all applications to:, attaching example level designs or design portfolios perferred

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