Special Forces: Source, a new twist in squad combat gaming.

Welcome to the SF Studios group. Membership is by application only as this group is intended purely for the development of Special Forces: Source. Mod Team Members should apply here.

If want to join. Come on our Steam Group or ModDB Profile, and post an appropriate message.

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Special Forces: Source

Special Forces: Source

Tactical Shooter

Special Forces: Source will be a squad based mod for Half-Life 2. Expect new Maps, new Weapons, and much more.

The_Wildcat Creator

It’s been quite a while. Not much has happened with the Special Forces Team or SFStudios.

Even on the team steam group, the last two announcements were two years ago.

The site as it stands in outdated badly and attracting much spam. The .tk addresses have expired. The last news post was September 2011, and the chatango hasn’t even been used since then.

I closed forum registration back in July. And even then, we have spam posts pouring into the forums because they need updating in multiple ways. I actually popped in on one bot while it was flooding the forums with spam.

So, what am I saying? Well, sadly, I’m calling the site dead. I’ll be shutting it down soon. It will be in the month of September as it stands.

Beside the inactivity, the truth is that the steam group now has pretty much all the functions the site once filled. Forums, a chat room, announcements, comments, etc. So too does the moddb profile really. Therefore, I think SF Studios and Special Forces: Source would probably be able to use the steam community and team steam community without too much trouble.

If there is ever a renewed interest in Special Forces: Source and/or Gordon Dangerous, I’ll be happy to host the site again – after some upgrading that is.

However, I will want to see real interest and activity as this has become a security risk and a resource drain.

Sorry again for this decision, but it needs to be made. As a positive, SF Studios will be replaced with a re-born Friendly Garg’s Stories site built from the archive stored on BWL.

So the space and resources are going to a good cause.

I’ll leave the SF Studios team members on the BWL Forums with their special class. I’ll just be clearing the old site itself.
The Wildcat

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hi Naveen here i want to try for ur job...i had send u mail but ur mailing address were not working....can you give me ur proper working address so, that I can show u my work.. thanx

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Legend017 Creator

Sorry about that, Just go on are forum. and Just post topic in Recruitment froum. Sfstudios.bwldevelopment.com


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Hey , im a mapper for both Half-life 1 and Half-life 2 , a bit rusty of late , looking to join a mod team for Source. You're mod looks great and i would love to help in any way posible.

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