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Developing studio out of Ontario, Canada. Development includes; Windows, Mac, Android/Windows/IOS Apps, Multi-platform Software, Minecraft mods/plugin, Windows/Mac/Linux Games.

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Werewolf Island

Werewolf Island


Werewolf Island is an open world horror/supernatural, first-person game for Windows/Linux/Mac/PS4/XboxOne/Wii-U in maturation by Sinn Development. It's...

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Ignite a world of possibilities with a API for developers to add mod support to their games.


Hot take - this is the worst F1 track in the calendar. It's not a race- it's a cage match.

Dec 5 2021 by sinnjames

TIL @craymusic is apparently "obscure" - disagree.

Dec 4 2021 by sinnjames

RT @libbyk: @FIRSTweets We always say that Gracious Professionalism is 'making your grandmother proud' and she absolutely was p…

Dec 2 2021 by sinnjames

RT @gabsmashh: NFTs are the beanie babies of the 2020s

Nov 18 2021 by sinnjames

Moose has learned how to turn the tap on for himself to play in the water. He's too smart for his own good.

Nov 12 2021 by sinnjames

Annual French River camping trip photo dump. Probably the best spot of all. (mostly because it had service) @ Fren…

Nov 7 2021 by sinnjames

Not American, but this is definitely an interesting turn that I'm gonna have popcorn for.

Nov 7 2021 by sinnjames

Okay, @TrueNAS - you win. Actually capable of saturating the 10G connection. TrueNAS Scale > All for home use.

Nov 2 2021 by sinnjames

I've wired Christmas lights backwards many times, but that hasn't stopped me from cutting the ends off, and switchi…

Nov 1 2021 by sinnjames

Spent the afternoon Rock climbing with Kate - definitely plan to pick this up as a hobby again. Was more than 10 y…

Oct 31 2021 by sinnjames