Shogun wolf games founded by Dy'vineShogun is a team compromised of young, talented devs who strive to create great games for all ages! As a team we want to improve our skills with every line of code, stroke of paint, and imaginative idea so we can become amazing devs.We occasionally host twitch streams so you can see our creative process live, you can find the link below.

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Heya my names Dyvine, 18 yrs of age im a 2d and 3d artist who has recently decided to start up a Game Dev Crew called Shogun Wolf Games. This is a company Ive started because i want to cooperate and create awesome games with fellow devs. I have an open mind when it comes to creating video games any genre im down with developing. Currently im looking for a programmer who can script events in game and make a final completed build before release of the game, were in the final stages of the process and we need that final asset to complete the game.

Currently the team is working on a game called boris the vampire a 2d story based game with character choices similar to the walking dead also the games halfway done so we are going through the game adding and removing certain features,So we are looking for someone who's dedicated to projects because i as well am also continuing to improve and learn the art of game which id be happy to share that experience along with you as well. Our B.O.O or Base of Operations will be Skype where well have meetings and discuss game.
So, to apply, answer this form and email us
1. How old are you?
2. What is your talent? (Artist, Coding, Animator, etc..)
3. What would you rate yourself at your talent? (Out of 10)
4. Do you have any of your previous work that you can share?
5. How are you at meeting new people/socializing?
6. What time zone/Country are you in?
7. Tell me about yourself
8. Do you have Skype?
9. If yes, what is your username?
10. Do you speak English?
11. How much time could you dedicate to the production of games?

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