Semag Studio is a small game studio based in New Jersey formed in 2013. Members of the studio have worked together under various names for various companies for over 5 years, most notably working on Pixel Lincoln with Island Officials. They finally struck out on their own to form a new studio this year. A small team with big aspirations, we already have several titles in development and many more planned for the near future.

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Avignon: A Clash of Popes

Avignon: A Clash of Popes

Turn Based Strategy

Vie for the papacy in the 14th century in Avignon: A Clash of Popes; petition members of the Church for influence to build your congregation, or eliminate...

Hoopity Stick

Hoopity Stick


How far can you push it? Navigate perilous roads filled with swinging gates, flaming cars, stray pianos, burst water mains and other dangerous obstacles...




Wubmarine is about an intergalactic record producer who is on his way to deliver the latest EDM tracks to Earth's DJs. Of course after passing through...

You're Fired!

You're Fired!


You’re Fired! is an infinite runner starring Jerry Canned. Perhaps doomed from the start, Jerry was recently canned. But Jerry is not one to go down...




In Gigahurts you are the computer. Juggle tons of programs that are all competing for the same resources. Better keep those programs running or they will...

Eternal Grind

Eternal Grind


Do you love classic JRPGs? Don’t have time to sit through 20 minutes of cutscenes on your morning commute? Well, have we got a game for you… Eternal...

SemagStudio Creator

Hey everyone
Be sure to check out our website ( for more information on our games.
Gigahurts is out now and Eternal Grind is coming soon!

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Dec 12 2020

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Dec 3 2020

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We helped Button Shy make an easy to use score calculator for their hit game Sprawlopolis. Check it out!

Jan 29 2019

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Nov 15 2017

Spinal Tapper Trailer: via @YouTube

Nov 14 2017

Now that everyone is home and unpacked, we want to thank @TooManyGames for having us and everyone who attended #tmg2017 for playing!

Jun 27 2017

We're all set up at @TooManyGames! Come play our Hoopity Stick arcade or try Super Battle Robocopter! #tmg2017

Jun 23 2017

Wrapping up a little something for @TooManyGames next week!

Jun 17 2017

Friends of the studio @WimbusStudios finally released The Island of Eternal Struggle! Check it out!

Jun 6 2017