Rotating Cube Games is currently developing their main game 'Mindworld', a cinematic FPS Action Adventure that takes place in a surreal dreamworld. The first out of three chapters is called Shattered Dreams and is a Half-Life 2 Modification.

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Hey guys,

My name is Kjell Bunjes and I am the Team Leader & Art Director of the upcoming Action Adventure Mindworld: Shattered Dreams. The team consists of people who are either working professionally in the industry for years or are ambitious to do so. We are currently looking for a Video Producer, who is capable of recording video footage and prodcuing trailer material from it.

You can check the game's page with in-game screenshots right here:

Your task would be to create camera paths in-game, record the footage and edit it.

Here is just a little bit of the work that we have done:

The Mentor

Transition Level - (in-game)

Transition Level - (in-game)

The Chase - Concept Art

(by Adam Clark, Kevin Allen, Charvel Saligumba and Hugh Riegel)


• A copy of Half-Life 2
• Experience with the hammer editor (required for setting camera paths/dolly)
• Past work to show


• Skilled in Motion Graphics
• Online Portfolio
• Interested in long-term work

Our team currently consists of a core of 10 members and a total of ~20 members. The mod has been in production for almost 2 years now, so you can expect a solid project.

Your task:

The main task is going to be the recording of in-game footage. This requires creating camera paths within the hammer editor to then record the footage properly. The material is going to get used for VFX demonstration and further trailer material later on.


You can work with us while simultanously concentrating on your daily job and/or other projects, as we offer highly flexible working times. Also, this position gives the great chance to work with an extremely dedicated team, as the project has never suffered from any stops in production. There is no risk that this project is going to die within the next few months or so, as the foundations are mainly built. While there are no monetary rewards, we offer the great chance to produce great portfolio material. The shown content in the videos are of high quality and you can also expect professionally composed music with each released video. In addition, your work is going to be seen by thousands of fans, as the project enjoys good marketing strategies and PR work. This shows by getting nominated for the Top100 mod for this year (and also Top100 indie game of last year). 

Required time:

We do not expect a certain amount of hours from you, it is up to you, whether you invest an hour a day or 8 hours on the weekend. The only factors that are important to us are that you contribute regularly, document your work well and finally, that you update us via e-mail, forums etc. at least weekly.

We use our forums, DropBox, asana and Skype for the exchange of data and information. Further information can be given upon request.

Interested in working with us?

Please, get in touch with me via E-Mail ( or add me on Skype directly (iqewarts) to discuss further details in a personal interview. You can also send me a private message beforehand.

Thanks for your time,
Kjell 'iQew' Bunjes
(Team Leader & Art Director)

To Apply

Please, get in touch with me via E-Mail ( or add me on Skype directly (iqewarts) to discuss further details in a personal interview. You can also send me a private message beforehand.

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