"Rollin's Forge" servers as the label for all games related work by Till "rollin" Maginot.

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Dwarf Mines

Dwarf Mines


Dwarf Mines is a PC multiplayer game where you start as young miner on your quest to rebuild your ancestors massive facilities above and below the surface...

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May 24 2021

This early #DiscoElysium mod test feels strangly.. touching.. Looking into modding unity games to understand, plan… T.co

Feb 16 2020

I got a bit sidetracked🥴: added a crossbow and what's necessary to make it work (e.g. reload anim + inventory magaz… T.co

Jul 17 2019

Yea, if you're wondering: AI is doing great!!! 🥳 #gamedev #madewithunity #indiegames #bugs T.co

May 11 2019

Yes: pre-alpha 0.3 made it to the finish line: Why there is suddenly a new terrain mesh generator? Also I've creat… T.co

Feb 8 2019

Happy new year everyone! Some lights for you and a few nice features in Dwarf Mines I missed to post in 2018. Chec… T.co

Jan 3 2019

Finally! Waited for this since Unity 2.6: Feature Preview: Incremental Garbage Collection Blogs.unity3d.com via @unity3d

Nov 28 2018

August tech update: Masking technique for (deferred) post processing effects. Starring: stencil buffer and replacem… T.co

Aug 17 2018


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