We are group of 21 students that have started a small studio within our school, The Game Assembly.
Now we are starting this company page for getting feedback on our games to make them greater.

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Our Released Titles:

Waste of Space (Spaceshoter)


Petter Eriksson
Nikolas Grandin
Marcus Jacobsson
Daniel Magnusson
André Dilles

Level Designers:
Kristian Johansson
Tim Börrefors
Lucas Wall
André Jansson

Technical Artist
Ella Svahn
Mattias Hedberg
Alexander Wadenhed
Filip Angelison
Kasra Kalami

Torben Lindström
Robin Jönsson
Nils Lind
Gabriel Lundh
Lenni Olinsson
Kristian Sundin
David Fornborg

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Waste of Space (SpaceShooter)

Waste of Space (SpaceShooter)

First Person Shooter

This is Reanimated Frogs first game, a action filled Spaceshooter with fast paced gameplay.

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