Proton Studio Inc. was founded in 2008.

Proton Studio developed - a free multi-player online browser game site that is home of the games BeGone and InvinciCar Online.

We are based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada (home of the Calgary Stampede aka Deep Fry All the Things!)

The Team

Doug / Proton - Programmer & Artist - @DougWolanick
Doug started game programming in QBasic on a 386 back in the DOS days. Worked with OGRE in the early 2000s, and started using Unity in 2007.
Has held positions as a senior developer on projects for large Telcos and educational software providers.
Has released several games for the web & phone platforms including BeGone.
Favorite Games: Counter-Strike, Natural Selection, Civ V

/ Kenzie - Producer & Marketing - @IMJackieT
Jackie coordinates community feedback, creates game trailers, runs marketing campaigns (Greenlight), sources custom music, and keeps development goals on track.
Favorite Games: The Sims, Skyrim, Don't Starve

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Time Rifters

Time Rifters

First Person Shooter

Be your own teammates in this unique single-player co-op shooter! You have 4 lives, destroy as many enemies as possible. With each new life you’ll be...



I am a music producer who loves to experiment with sounds to make other weird sounds, soundtracks and even proper songs for SoundCloud.

I want to get my music out there but also I want to work with digital media, so I was wondering if you wanted to check my stuff out to see if it would fit your game.

Lately I have been getting into making soundtracks for games, more of action games that is, especially with a tech-theme.

Here's my soundcloud:

If you would like a demo track for your game Time Rifters, just hit me up and I will send it to you.

Please get back to me!


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