The Project Reality Team is comprised of developers whose aims are to rework the original games engine within legal and feasible constraints to create a realistic combat environment for gamers. This includes adjusting the games various elements including physics, visual effects and game play. Along with changes to how the game handles, the PR team intends to include additional factions, such as the British military and add to or alter existing factions so that they resemble real life combat elements found within their contemporary environments.

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Welcome to the first official Reality Studios Podcast! Developers from the Project Reality: ArmA 2 (PR:ArmA2) team sat down to answer questions about the highly anticipated upcoming PR: ArmA2 modification release for the retail ArmA II PC game. The topics covered range from how game play is being altered and what new game modes you can expect to see, to detailed insights on what various new weapons and vehicles will be available.

The Reality Studios team comprises a group of dedicated individuals from all over the world, several of whom have backgrounds in armed services. There are currently three projects in simultaneous development; a modification for Battlefield 2, a modification for ArmA 2 and also a standalone game currently called Project Reality 2. The main focus of all our projects is to produce the most realistic, team oriented, online gaming experience available.

Feel free to visit our official website, for more information.