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May 30 2011 Anchor

To Pieter:

About the Colombia island, I found the problem and fixed it. You didn't adapt the rx and rz positions to the new coordinates x and y. That's why the island didn't appear..:dead:

About the modders, we need that everyone makes an effort to be more available (at least) this year to finish Build 14. Many of us spent a lot of time these last years so a finished Build 14 is a "minimum".

Pieter_Boelen Third Officer
May 30 2011 Anchor

Ah; so THAT's where those RX and RX coordinates are for; I did wonder. So you've got that problem sorted now and can use the island for your storyline, right?


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May 30 2011 Anchor


Over the next days, I will give you more information about my work on this quest...

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