This is the group including The developer and the publishers for MODDB : Laszlo: inspiration from the early versions of PW, discussion of ideas, and testing. Vornne: main developer for this version. Joss: converting native armour textures to heraldic format, some new meshes, and testing. Blobmania: new meshes for sign posts, construction boxes, and some food resources. The Bowman: new ferry boat mesh. thortheviking: loading and menu background images. Highlander: boar and deer meshes from Age of Machinery (an old M&B mod). The Taleworlds developers: for helpfulness with feature requests, particularly versions 1.134 and 1.142, and for inspiration from the native module system. Vincenzo: for helping drive many new warband releases - without which a lot of the scripting would be much harder or impossible; also help with testing and bug reporting. cmpxchg8b: for help with understanding how the game engine works underneath the module system, and for the WSE profiling tool. mtarini: for cre

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