We are NewStream Software. We are the new kid on the block, but we hope you won't judge us on our pristine condition and our squeaky new shoes. Instead, judge us on our games that we make. Currently we are still making our first game. We learned on this game, we sharpened our wit and dulled our minds over it. So if it's not up to par, I guess we should have expected that. If it is? Well I'll be damned, thanks for the vote of confidence. So you want to know our mission? Well, we could give you the typical "change the face of gaming" speech that comes out of every newbies mouth. We like to be honest though. So here it goes. We started making games to change the face of gaming. That's what we intended to do when we started, now we just want to fuck shit up. So I invite you to come along with us and help us fuck shit up.

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Third Person Shooter

Reverence takes place in the very distant future. After nearly destroying themselves mankind has settled their differences and have decided to work together...

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