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A developer and publisher of adventure games including Voidtrain.

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A fresh take on the survival genre - you control and upgrade your own train in an endless adventure full of surprises and dangers.

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瞎眼物产地,禁止进入,瞎眼概不负责!! Blind source, prohibited from entering, the blind are not responsible!!



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Latest tweets from @nearga_team

RT @PlayVoidTrain: Is that what I think it is? Welcome back to the new issue of the Herald of the Void!📰 #VoidTrain #UE4

May 12 2022

RT @PlayVoidTrain: Psst, hey. Wanna see something? A closer look at the new arena island😍 #VoidTrain #UE4 #UnrealEngine

May 9 2022

RT @PlayVoidTrain: We have updated the current version of the game to 7950. Check out the trailer for the Railroad Duel Update!…

Feb 21 2022

RT @PlayVoidTrain: These are the models of a friends of the player's pets. They will be implementend to make an atmosphere on the trai…

Feb 17 2022

RT @PlayVoidTrain: You've been asking for too long and you've been promised. Now it will not be necessary to remember what lies in it,…

Feb 14 2022

RT @PlayVoidTrain: Hell nah I stopped😎 If you are not prepared to fight at the outpost or find a way to disable the roadblock, you can…

Feb 3 2022

RT @PlayVoidTrain: Oh, this mines are coming back, alright 🎆🚂🚃 #VoidTrain #UE4 #UnrealEngine #indiedev #indiegame #screenshotsaturday

Jan 29 2022

RT @PlayVoidTrain: Screenshot made by the member of the discord server: lo st #VoidTrain #UE4 #UnrealEngine #indiedev

Dec 4 2021

RT @PlayVoidTrain: When the conductors are solving puzzles on the islands, someone on the train could use a friend. We'll take care of…

Nov 25 2021