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Programmers located Anywhere.

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What is Patriots?
In a very, very broad nutshell Patriots itself takes place in 2020, in a post-apocalyptic/war-torn Chicago where freedom fighters step up to fight against a faction that rises after WWIII. It’s a FPS/RPG so it has free-roam exploration/side missions, but at the same time features linear main missions to really focus on storytelling. There is heavy player movement mechanics, smart A.I. and some very interesting and creative weapons. This is not a Military nor Sci-Fi Shooter in anyway.

NOTICE: We are only developing a prototype demo right now. The reasoning is posted below.

Why Build Patriots?
I have been in contact with many, many heavy hitters in the Triple A industry and many have guided me and given advice. Someone by the name of Vince Zampella has agreed to review a prototype if we were to present one and possibly send it to EA so that we can pitch it to them. Besides Mr. Zampella we have many other contacts in different studios including, Respawn Entertainment, EA, EPIC Games, Microsoft Studios, Gearbox Software, CodeMasters and more. Our aim is to create the best demo we possibly can showing off the very core of Patriots, displaying that innovation is needed for the FPS/RPG genre and that Patriots can compete with the big boys of the AAA market.

What Do I Get?
There is guaranteed and possible rewards.

Solid Experience in the areas of your specified craft, working with a team, under deadlines and a bit of design.
Portfolio work to display your most recent skills.
Extra Practice to enhance your skills and a chance to receive help from others in areas you want to improve.

Royalty Payment if the game is to make it to the public.
Career Opportunities for some and exposure to the people in the Triple A industry.

What Are You Looking For?
Programmers Needed: AI, Special Character Movement, General Programming. A big plus for ScaleForm and/or AnimTrees knowledge. More information below.

Lead Programmer - The lead programmer needs to know solid UnrealScript, General FPS and/or RPG code knowledge and strong communication skills. On top of that he needs to have initiative and independence to look at things and figure out how to do them or make suggestions of his own.

Programmer - To assist the Lead Programmer and take on tasks in a variety of programming needs. Solid UnrealScript knowledge a must.

Have A Website?
Our domain website is currently under construction, but feel free to look at our other sites for now.

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