Who are we? We are gamers, like you. We are creative minds, artists and dreamers. To us a good video game consists of the following: captivating writing, beautiful music, enchanting poetry, compelling graphics and the means to let your mind wander and do things. Without exceptions the entire team knows what it is like to give in to the immersion of the story, spend far too many hours in magnificent worlds, and what it is like when a game steals your heart and carries you away forever. We know what is important and what will make a game memorable; we want to put all of this into Pyrrhic Victory and Exile Saga.

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Pyrrhic Victory

Pyrrhic Victory

Grand Strategy

Pyrrhic Victory is a 3d cooperative medieval warfare simulator that brings players onto the field as a soldier and a commander. Inspired by epic tales...

Exile Saga

Exile Saga

Role Playing

Exile Saga is a brand new game promising traditional rpg aspects such as leveling, different classes, challenging puzzles, and intense combat. There will...

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