We were 12 people, part of The Game Assembly that made a total of 4 games together. Hope you enjoy our games as much as we enjoyed making them ;) Titles released: Lair of the Madhat (Dungeon Crawler - 1-2 players) Transphoria (FPS - 1-2 players) Durôdom (RTS) Alter_Light (Space shooter) - Programmers: Johan Lindell (www.johanlindell.net) Filip Edgren (www.filipedgren.com) Christian Lood (www.christianlood.se) Mathias Södermark (www.mathias.sodermark.com) Artist: Erik Nilsson (www.eanart.com) Elin Lindehoff (www.elinlindehoff3d.com) Hanna Bortas (www.hannabortas.se) Therese Magnusson (www.theresemagnusson.se) Xenia Stroganova (www.xeniastroganova.com) Level Designers: Filip Pilebo (www.filippilebo.com) Gustav Bouvin (www.gustavbouvin.com) Sara Sällemark (www.sarasallemark.com)

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