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I'm currently developing an homage to classic FPS games like Doom, Quake, Wolfenstein, Duke Nukem, etc. called "Call to Chaoz." The game has similar over-the-top action and a minimal story to the classic FPS games, with and exciting and devastating arsenal of weapons, secrets on every level, boss-fights galore, and simple graphics (with a modern twist, of course).

I'm hoping to release the game before the end of the year, if development goes the way I'm planning. I'm currently developing a tech-demo in Blender Game Engine, but I'm going to migrate to Unity or Unreal (or I might even jump straight into id Tech 2/3/4 for a more authentic feel) for the actual game.

I'm looking for talented the following:
* 2D Artists (I'm developing the game's levels and some items in Blender, but enemies and some props will be pseudo-3D sprites)

* Programmers (I can program the game myself if need be, but I'd prefer to focus on game design and 3D Modelling and less on programming)

* Composers and sound effects designers (completely optional, I have no trouble paying for music and sound effects from royalty free sites near the end of development)

What you need to join:
Nothing at all. Even if you're the worst composer/artist/programmer in the world, this is just a hobby project and I'll happily take whatever help you have to offer, even if it's just as a learning experience for you.

The high complex and well written story is thusly:
A woman has been kidnapped by zombie werewolves with guns. You have to rescue her. There are also vampires. And normal zombies.

Basically, I decided to go for a minimal and over-the-top story similar to those of the original FPS games. Most classic id and 3D Realms games had little to know story other than a badass one-line summary;
Wolfenstein: Kill Nazi's.
Doom: Kill Demons.
Duke Nukem 3D: Kill Aliens.
Shadow Warrior: Kill Demons as a freakin' samurai.
Rise of the Triad: Kill anything that moves.
Quake: Kill Alien Demons.

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