One man shop in Vancouver BC, makers of Epic Dumpster Bear and Puzzle Monkeys for Wii U

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Epic Dumpster Bear

Epic Dumpster Bear


"An evil corporation destroyed his forest forcing him to eat dumpster food to survive. Now its his turn to take out the trash." Epic Dumpster Bear is...

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Latest tweets from @loggamesltd

That bear is epic

Nov 17 2021

Contemplating a company name change. Let me know what you think.

Nov 4 2021

Oct 29 2021

The only cultural event I look forward to more than a new @108 video is maybe a new mainline 3D mario game.

Oct 20 2021

RT @SinisterLeaf: I was gonna say epic dumpster bear, but both the story and gameplay is amazing.

Oct 12 2021

Jankbrain by Linkums -- Big Bad Game-a-thon 2021 via @YouTube

Oct 10 2021

RT @SpeedrunWRs: JankBrain - any% in 25:21 (IGT) by Linkums:

Sep 10 2021

RT @sandlicker: epic dumpster bear is game of the century

Aug 5 2021

RT @SusanArendt: I would just like to say that “Epic Dumpster Bear” is a phenomenal name for a game.

Jul 31 2021