LimeGreen Games is an indie micro-studio being setup in the UK building Android games. Find us on twitter or facebook!

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Flinging Bouncy Balls

Flinging Bouncy Balls


Attempt to fling and bounce your bouncy ball through 56 challenging levels in this easy to pick up, difficult to master platform adventure. Simply touch...

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Latest tweets from @limegreengames

#BananaFacts Bananas are healthier than Easter eggs!

Mar 28 2016

An update for #FlingingBouncyBalls will go live soon, removing IAP's and increasing gold rewards to compensate!

Mar 25 2016

#BananaFacts In Britain, over 5 billion bananas are eaten every year.

Mar 24 2016

Banana Fact: Bananas have been depicted in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Mar 22 2016

We just pushed a new update for #FlingingBouncyBalls, polishing, bug squishing and adding 8 more balls to collect!

Mar 15 2016

#FlingingBouncyBalls has made its first tentative steps into the top new games chart.

Mar 15 2016

We are currently running an #Advert for #FlingingBouncyBalls on @facebook!

Mar 15 2016

We just pushed an update for Flinging Bouncy Balls to resolve some launch issues.

Mar 9 2016

Our first game Flinging Bouncy Balls is now available on the google play store!

Mar 8 2016

Hi! LimeGreenGames is a new indie game studio being setup in the UK.

Feb 5 2016