Our quest begins simply, we're developers who mine for new mechanics, stories and universal fun for our videogames...

Some of the greatest milestones in gaming come from creative modding and happy accidents. Team Fortress, Counter Strike, Minecraft, Plants vs Zombies and MOBAs... All of these happened thanks to small teams having fun.

We boil diverse skills, kind personalities, and shrewd business wit in our cauldron to produce quality magic. This blend is used in product strategy, game mechanics design and engineering, music composition, storytelling, and economics.

We are children of the first gaming and digital generation who love to explore frontiers while honoring past legends. We pursue new possibilities in interactive narratives while we remember the joys of our favorite titles.

Above all, we poke dragons and solve problems without fear, finding our way out of dungeons and exploiting the weaknesses of big obstacles. From casual to serious, from single-player to MMO, we've grinded our way through 25 years of gaming history. And we're excited to contribute to this artform's future.

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Blossom & Decay

Blossom & Decay

Role Playing

Blossom & Decay is a fantasy adventure game that is set at the edge of a dying realm. It brings action combat together with crafting and survival mechanics...

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