EEEEEK! It’s a student loan! A one-man Indie Game Developer living in Hawaii. I have computer Science degree from Hawaii Pacific University. I have apparitions -- I mean aspirations to break into the Halloween market. Yeah, I have a few apparitions in my games too. Ickity Games is focused on match 3 games games but don't hold us to that statement. Constantly trying to think outside the box -- we are the first to put "Matching" & "Tapping" together like peanut butter and jelly.

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Cinders Magic - Match & Tap

Cinders Magic - Match & Tap


Meow! Cinders Magic: A innovative match 3 game with a twist - just add a tap! Don't have a paw? Use your finger to tap. Help Cinders, a magical black...

Ill October Vampires

Ill October Vampires


Ickity Games presents a re-imagined flavor for match 3 games - vampire blood. You've been hired by Gustave's estate to catalog each of his hideous paintings...

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