At HyperReuts we want to develop and deliver original, creative and especially fun gaming experiences. We strongly believe that it is rewarding that you have fun. That is why we want to develop games that are accessible to as many people as possible.


HyperReuts is a publisher and creator of interactive video games. The teams of HyperReuts are committed to develop and deliver original, creative and especially fun gaming experiences aimed for all popular platforms.


HyperReuts is a game studio founded and managed by Eric Ruts.


HyperReuts believes that games need to be fun to play. We have seen games that have costs millions and millions of dollars, with amazing graphics but a lack of gameplay. We want to do this differently!


How can HyperReuts develop such games with so little money?

At HyperReuts, skilled professionals are employed with a major divergent skill set.

For Instance, Our Lead Programmer Jacob Kooijman has a master in econometrics, specialized in operations research and besides that he is a very gifted programmer. His knowledge spans from front- to backend development, knows how a game-engine works, and is able to determine, develop, implement and maintain the complete game mechanics.

Our CEO, Eric Ruts is a Graduated Engineer specialized in engineering and management and business development. Also he is probable a soon to be Information sciences master. Besides that he knows everything about Game Development. From Game Design to Game Art, from Animating to Level Editing, from Producing to Project Management.

Because the employees at HyperReuts have such a divergent skill set, we are able to be more efficient and effective with the same resources. We have less meetings, less internal waiting time, less framed knowledge etc.

Besides all of that, we work all very hard. Some of our key members work over 100 hours a week because of their dedication. They strongly believe that it is very rewarding if they can deliver a game that you like! Hence our vision.

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Tactical Shooter

Evolvation is a multiplayer arena space flying shooter with multiple game modes which can be played solo as well as team-based gameplay.

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Latest tweets from @hyperreuts

#scifi #indiegame #gamedev #Evolvation Hay everyone, we're still alive! A lot of things has changed, thanks to the…

Jan 5 2019

#scifi #indiegame #Evolvation tip: In cockpit mode, press again on "cockpit view". Now the spaceship will be invisible for you. @HyperReuts

Jun 27 2017

#scifi #indiegame #Evolvation tip: Did you know that you can toggle between several camera views? #indiedev #gamedev @HyperReuts

Jun 20 2017

#scifi #indiegame #Evolvation tip: If somebody flies right past you check for objects in the area where you can make a U-turn maneuver.

Jun 13 2017

#scifi #indiegame #Evolvation tip: Are you in need of data? Check out the achievements in the My Hangar environment. #indiedev @HyperReuts

Jun 6 2017

#scifi #indiegame #Evolvation tip: You need a certain amount of level and data in order to buy an item. #indiedev #gamedev @HyperReuts

May 30 2017

#scifi #indiegame #Evolvation tip: If you have a kill, a data pickup spawns at the location of the kill. #indiedev #gamedev @HyperReuts

May 23 2017

#scifi #indiegame #Evolvation tip: Press tab to view the in-game stats. #indiedev #gamedev @HyperReuts

May 16 2017

#scifi #indiegame #Evolvation tip: The order of highest base armor is as follows: tank, support, fighter , stealth and then the highspeed.

May 9 2017

#scifi #indiegame #Evolvation tip: The Highspeed has the highest base maneuverability, then the Fighter, Stealth, Support and then the tank?

May 2 2017