HyperBIT Entertainment is a studio founded for the purpose of developing games built by those with a real passion for development. Our first project 'Project Beast' is in the conceptual stages at the moment! Watch this space.

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Brief Introduction

My name is Daniel Butler, I am the lead developer and a programmer on a very exciting multiplayer survival horror project which is called Mark of the Beast.

Development has been going on for about a few months now as we have been tweaking the concept. We have been so far developing an atmospheric prototype with audio and lighting effects to get the aesthetic of the game pinned down but we are now ready to enter full production.

This is a very unique project with loads of exciting concepts never before tried in a multiplayer game. Alot of these exciting features will need developed networking code and a heap of passion and creativity.

What will you be doing within the team?

Since Mark of the Beast is a Multiplayer only game it is very important that we have networking in place and working from an early stage before implementing anymore features. As the network programmer you will be in charge off...

  • Adapting the code we have currently to work in a multiplayer enviroment.
  • Optimizing netcode.
  • Consulting with the Lead Developer and the rest of the team.
  • Implementing some exciting concepts via the networking suite. This isn't your standard network job!

It is essential that you have the following skills...

  • Knowledge of either C# or JavaScript.
  • Experience with the Unity Editor.
  • Well spoken English.
  • Networking Knowledge (Ports, IP Address types etc)
  • Unity specific Networking Knowledge (RPCs, Networking Views etc, Serialization etc)

Our ethics

I created HyperBIT Entertainment with the vision that all people working on the projects would be treated as equals. That is why all members will receive equal credit and recognition, access to the developer forums, huge creative input and shares of profits as the project releases commercially.

Final Words

We really hope you will consider joining HyperBIT Entertainment. Mark of the Beast is an exciting opportunity for you to develop your portfolio, meet new like minded passionate people and help make a unique concept that you will be proud to put on your resume.

For more information please feel free to visit the Mark of the Beast IndieDB page!

To Apply

Please send an Email with your application or your inquires regarding the project to danielbutler96@hotmail.co.uk

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