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What is Rize?

Rize is a Free to Play(F2P) First Person Shooter zombie game. A Online Multiplayer team objective based game which consists of competitive and co-operative gameplay. Set in a post-apocalyptic world. The Competitive side of things consists of two survivor factions, The Marines and The Scars, who must battle it out to become the surviving faction. Based in a first person view point, the two conflicting teams must battle not only each other, but Zombie NPC’s (Non Playable Characters). Each survivor faction has a set of classes which has its own strong and weak points, but every class is a vital role to the game. The Co-Operative side of Rize consists of multiple game modes Hunted (Survivors vs Zombies) and Objectives (short story driven objectives).

As Rize will be a Multiplayer only game, we will be putting all of our efforts into making a fluent, unique and enjoyable experience for all players. We will be supporting Rize bringing out new features and content for several years, meaning Rize will become a more diverse and unique world over time.

What's the background story behind Rize?

Rize is based in the near future after an infection has killed off a vast amount of the human population. The government tried to hide it, but because the outbreak spread very quickly the government lost control and everyone was left to fend for themselves. Most of which became very weak because of a lack of a food source, which made them venture the streets to find any type of a food source, which led most to be out in the open and unable to fend for themselves against the Infected. Any survivors that survived through the first year did so by grouping together, Local church groups, friends, family or even any group they could find. Really in the end it didn't matter, the only thing what mattered was surviving. The key to surviving was the power in numbers, but remaining small enough to be safe.

At first all of the groups got on with their lives with no trouble using anything they could find to keep safe, trying to help each other’s groups survive through until the infestation was gone. But that was before the winter came, local food supplies dried up, water sources froze over and wild life migrated. That's when all the fighting between groups started, everyone blames another group for making the first move but since then they are all guilty of sabotaging and stealing from each other.

The harsh three years these groups have managed to survive together has built a sense of pride and loyalty within the groups and a deep sense of hatred towards one another. They no longer live side by side peacefully, given the chance they will slit each other's throats and leave their corpse naked in the streets.

Most of the survivors are now believed to have some sort of resistance to the infection. When the virus first became airborne it was still young and killed many victims without reanimation, so most survivors will survive small cuts and scrapes obtained during a confrontation with the infected. However the infected are extremely hungry and the ones that have survived are ruthless killers and have learned how to quickly incapacitate humans. More often than not if an infected is close enough to scrape you, you won’t

Why Unreal Engine 4?

We first started out developing Rize with the Unreal Development Kit, but once the opportunity came upon us to develop Rize on the Unreal Engine 4 the team just knew we had to take it. The GoldenWolfGames team felt that UE4 suited our project alot more than UDK did, we feel we will be able to make a more immersive and unique world within UE4 than that what was possible with UDK. We knew that moving the project over to UE4 would mean that all the UDK stuff we created were useless, but we felt that we honestly couldn't give up the opportunity to work with such an amazing games engine.


Game Designer 2/2
Level Designers - 1/3
3D Environmental Artists - 1/2
Concept Artists - 2/2
Composers/SFX - 1/1
C++ Programmers - 1/2
Blueprint Programmer - 0/1
Particles/Cascade - 0/1 |
Character modellers - 1/3
Animators - 0/1
UI Artist - 1/1
Web Designer/Developer - 1/1

Apply/Contact us!

Website: [url][/url] (Currently down due to re-design)

Skype: GoldenWolf Games (please include the space or you may not be able to find us)
Personal Skype: improdz

You may also PM me on this forum or reply on this thread.

Thanks for reading

Best Regards

Jamie Moore.

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