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Hey! We're currently developing game called "Creach: The Depleted World". Visit our website and follow us! We appreciate your attention and feedback ;)

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Creach: The Depleted World

Creach: The Depleted World

Role Playing

Creach: the Depleted World is an action platformer game set in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world. It is empowered by Unreal Engine 4. Currently, we can...

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Latest tweets from @sterkcrea

It may be useful to know a thing or two about Creach. Notes are lying literally everywhere. @UnrealEngineT.co

Nov 23 2019

Mountains are something you are going to love in Creach: there are a lot of picturesque abandoned mountain villages… T.co

Nov 19 2019

Sometimes it's better to wait out and finish off the remaining enemies. After that, you may tell that you killed th… T.co

Nov 17 2019

Looks like an abandoned mine or smth... Good place for an adventure! @UnrealEngine #indiedev #UE4 #gamedev #mineT.co

Nov 14 2019

Update on Creachthegame.com! A walking castle, a new hero (wait, what), new locations! @UnrealEngineT.co

Nov 12 2019

The dungeon might be hard itself, but the boss at the end of it is just impossible! @UnrealEngineT.co

Nov 4 2018

This neverending battle is exhausting, but I won't stop until one of us is dead! @UnrealEngine #screenshotsaturdayT.co

Sep 23 2018

Maybe it was a mistake to descend down here after all... @UnrealEngine #screenshotsaturday #indiedev #UE4 #gamedevT.co

Sep 16 2018

OMG new foe! With its heavy forelimbs, it can easily dig through the dirt and attack from under the ground!… T.co

Aug 25 2018

Just take a look at the passage which lies ahead of the bridge! What will I meet there? A friend? A foe? Will it be… T.co

Aug 12 2018