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Level Designers located Anywhere (must speak English ).

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Project name:
Fox Delta: Under the Radar

Target platforms:
PC (Retail, Steam)


Description of the Game
Fox Delta: Under the Radar is a third-person tactical shooter developed with the Unreal Development Kit for the PC. As part of a 4-man squad, players will utilize modern military weapons and tactics as they progress through a semi-linear campaign.

Players will tackle a variety of objectives throughout locations in North, Central, and South America. The primary goal of the Fox Delta team is to systematically dismantle one or more drug cartels by destroying equipment, killing high profile targets, and preventing narcotics from
reaching the US. The US is openly against the violent tactics involved in such operations, and so a special forces team has been put together, unknown to the US government, to handle these tasks.

Game play in Fox Delta is one part stealth, one part tactics, and one part gun based combat. Players will utilize stealth to achieve goals such as infiltrating facilities, and to gain the upper hand prior to initiating combat with the enemy. Players will utilize tactics by giving commands to their AI teammates, and coordinating maneuvers in order to accomplish objectives. Players will engage in firearm based combat via a third person camera.

Project Status
Currently we are developing a single level that will be polished to release quality and used as a prototype and demo. This demo will be released publicly to promote interest in the game, and to collect feedback. We will then move forward and begin work on the full game, utilizing the demo as the foundation.

The demo level takes place halfway through the game, and tasks players with infiltrating a Central American drug processing facility, and destroying shipments and equipment. Secondary objective include killing a priority VIP target, destroying shipping vehicles, and blowing up the VIP's personal helicopter. Secondary objectives are not required to complete the level, but may affect the difficulty of future objectives, and earn players additional rewards, like new weapons and equipment.

Fox Delta: Under the Radar will have a campaign that is played with AI teammates, a smaller online co-op campaign, and an 8v8 competitive multiplayer.

Unique game play features, story, and other key information will be released to applicants if accepted.

Current Team
Game Designers / Project Managers
Justin Howard, Sam Juarez, Raymond Konopka

Tobi Fromme, Srinath Upadhyayula. Yannis "Light" Li

Modelers / Texturers
Raymond Konopka, Sam Juarez, Alex Martina, Murthy Upadhyayula, Chris Sharpe

Level Designers
Justin Howard, Benjamin Dorzok

Tobi Jessop

Character Modelers
Jayesh Ranavaya

Music Composer
Ryan Hudson

Sound FX Artist
Craig Deskins

Who we are looking for:
We are only accepting developers who are dedicated and have experience in their area of interest. All individuals must be comfortable working with deadlines, as repeated failure to complete work assignments will result in termination. While we like to have a good time, we are determined to keep development flowing smoothly.

Available Positions

UnrealScript Programmer
Must have experience with UnrealScript. Programmers will identify tasks from a programming design document, and complete assignments given by project managers. This person should be able to work independently, but also be able to collaborate with other programmers when necessary.
- Able to provide Source Code of previous work to show competency.

User Interface Designer
Must have experience with Scaleform GFx and Flash ActionScript 2.0. Will create high quality art assets for the HUD, and other undisclosed UI elements.
- Experience implementing User Interfaces in UDK

Concept Artist
Must be able to work with Project Managers in developing concept art and must be able to think of concepts on his/her own. Must be able to draw and use digital imaging software (Such as Photoshop) or scanning hand-drawn art. Should also be able to draw realistic to semi-realistic landscapes, characters, weapons, and scenes. Skills designing level layouts a plus!

Level Designer
Work closely with multiple members of Fox Delta Games to create captivating game levels. Plan and design levels and missions with project managers and other level designers. Work with 3D modelers, Sound FX artists, and others to acquire desired assets for your levels. Handle the level asset pipeline including working with packages, materials, sounds and other UDK Editor systems.

- Talented level designer with a great portfolio.
- Able to design & create visually stunning levels in a timely fashion.
- Experience with Terrain Editor.
- Experience with Material Editor (Advanced knowledge preferred)
- Experience with Static Mesh Editor
- Experience working with .upk packages

Desired UDK Editor Skills
- Cascade Particle Editor
- SpeedTree
- Fracture
- Animation Trees
- Foliage Mode
- Others...

Associate UDK Developer (Multiple Positions Available)
Associate developers are people with various UDK skills that assist in development of the game. This includes creating Animation Trees and Sets, creating Particle Systems, working with the Material Editor, or working with other UDK tools that provide needed assets for Fox Delta: Utr. To be considered for these positions, you must posses all of the skills of the position, or posses multiple skills from several positions.

Animation Tree Designer
- Experience with Animation Trees and the AnimTree Editor.
- Experience working with Animation Sets.
- Experience navigating and using the Content Browser.
- Experience working with .upk packages.

Particle System Designer
- Experience with the Cascade Particle Editor
- Experience using the Material Editor
- Experience navigating and using the Content Browser.
- Experience working with .upk packages.

Assistant Environmental Artist
- Solid experience with SpeedTree Modeler & Compiler.
- Experience using the Material Editor.
- Experience using the Fracture Tool.
- Experience using upk packages.

Note: "Desired Skills" are what set you apart from other applicants for the same position.

What do we expect from you.
We expect applicants to be dedicated to making a quality game, and have enough time to fully contribute to our game. Deadlines are crucial to keeping the project on track. Post demo completion, and prior to beginning the full game, we will be issuing royalty contracts to those who significantly contributed to the game, with royalty earnings being negotiated based upon their overall contribution to the project. Individuals may be asked to work on future projects if they exhibit quality performance.

What you will need when applying.
Please have a portfolio ready of any work you have done in the past, and preferably have work of previous projects if possible. We prefer that everyone uses Skype to communicate with each other, so please get that as well. (If you already have it, great!)

Thank you for your time for reading this, we greatly appreciate it!

Interested in any of these positions? Email us at and provide a portfolio of your work, and stating what position you're interested in.

Previous Work by the team:
Dreadful Undead (Raymond Konopka, Sam Juarez, Tobi Jessop, Tobi Fromme)

To Apply

please send a resume to

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