Based in Norway, currently working hard on the development of Mongrel.

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Latest tweets from @fischmell

Check this out🤠 @JefLeeson who was a big contributor to Mongrel is starring in this 🤩 Follow @WestSpaceOdd

Jul 22 2022

Mongrel is 69% off at steam! Get it while it's cheap 🤩

Jun 27 2022

Mongrel is on sale! Check it out 🐸

Apr 6 2022

Take a look at this WIP dungeon for Mongrel. On a scale from 1-10 how friendly do you think this troll is?…

Mar 30 2022

RT @ChochKlah: "Mongrel" by @Fischmell @IGCollective #IGCShowcase #indiegame This game is a blend of a lot of things. Monster…

Mar 13 2022

Excited to add more variation to the different tiers in the Underworld. A lot of big stuff will happen in our first…

Mar 5 2022

🐸❗️MONGREL IS RELEASED ON STEAM ❗️🐸 Our steam page was taken down due to a steam bug on release day. This has dera…

Feb 19 2022

We are not able to release Mongrel on steam today! We have had problems with Steam's publisher platform for 2 days…

Feb 17 2022