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The Equinox Hunt

The Equinox Hunt


The Equinox Hunt is a Stealth Rogue-Lite Game that puts you in the shoes of an unfortunate victim chosen to take part in a brutal and deadly forest night...

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This is my hobby. You can choose the next mod, just send me a message on my profile or on my channel on youtube .. : DD



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Latest tweets from @evilstarstudios

Streaming now! Working on the tower expansion. Twitch.tv #gamedev #indiedev #madewithunity #towerdefense

Sep 18 2021

Streaming now! Continuing to work on infinite levels for upgrades. Twitch.tv #gamedev #indiedev #madewithunity #towerdefense

Sep 11 2021

Streaming now! I'm doing some work on the UI and after I'm going to implement infinite levels for upgrades.… T.co

Sep 4 2021

Streaming now! Polishing the editor tools and doing some research for implementing infinite levels.… T.co

Aug 28 2021

Last week we've worked on two editor tools for creating and managing upgrades and levels for our tower defense game… T.co

Aug 18 2021

Streaming now! Today we're creating some editor tools for managing different types of definition assets (e.g. Level… T.co

Aug 14 2021

Streaming now! Back from short break. Working on weapons again. Twitch.tv #gamedev #indiedev #madewithunity #towerdefense

Aug 7 2021

RT @stuckinattic: 📢 Near-Mage is now live on @kickstarter! 👉 Kickstarter.com You guys helped us create magic together before,… T.co

Aug 6 2021

RT @stuckinattic: 📢 New game reveal! ✨NEAR-MAGE: A narrative-heavy adventure game with a bit of role-playing DNA. Study Magick in Tra… T.co

Jul 29 2021