Empty Keys is an indie developer with ambition to make a middleware for games and games that are original and more closer to the roots of gaming. Fun should be always the most important aspect of any game. It was founded by Filip Dušek, veteran programmer, with experience creating AAA games ( Top Spin 4, Mafia 2 and Mafia 3).

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Children of the Galaxy

Children of the Galaxy

Turn Based Strategy

Children of the Galaxy is a grand scale 4x turn-based strategy game with a turn-based combat and tactical elements. You can explore the galaxy, colonize...

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RT @CharlesGames_cz: Google rejected Attentat 1942 due to Nazi references. After all the hard work, multiple e-mails, approval by German… T.co

Jul 17 2020

RT @CotGGame: The Warscore Update 0.22 is out. Changes in warscore, new UI with more details, war result UI, surrender feature an… T.co

Nov 4 2018

RT @CotGGame: The September update is out. Update to .NET Standard, minor UI changes, new technologies. Steamcommunity.comT.co

Sep 30 2018

RT @CotGGame: The August update is out. Personnel AI, personnel variants, new report, update to @xenko3d and more.… T.co

Aug 31 2018

RT @xenko3d: The wait is over... Xenko 3.0 is now out, released under the permissive MIT license (incl. editor) and now turned… T.co

Aug 4 2018

RT @CotGGame: The July update is out. Personnel UI polishing, tooltips, texts and features. Personnel AI is work in progress.… T.co

Jul 31 2018

RT @CotGGame: The June update is out. Scientists and Science board, personnel age and death and delete custom empire feature in E… T.co

Jul 1 2018

RT @CotGGame: The May update is out. Captains UI, personnel limit technology in tech tree, update to @VisualStudio 2017 and fixed… T.co

May 31 2018

RT @CotGGame: The April Update is out. Captains, personnel limit and cost, model LODs. Steamcommunity.com #indiegameT.co

Apr 30 2018

RT @CotGGame: The March Update is on the Next branch. Governors feature coming and new UI for Personnel feature. #indiedevT.co

Mar 31 2018