Echohead Games was started in late 2015 in Lawrence, KS by Matt Cox, former lead designer for Warner Bros. and 5TH Cell on the original Scribblenauts and designer for the Destroy All Humans series. After a seven-year hiatus from big game dev and making a few small iPhone games, Matt decided to get back into console and PC games as an indie. Echohead comes from his desire to create gaming moments that will always your head.

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First Person Shooter

Three shapes. Two choices. One weapon. Enter a minimalist multiplayer FPS world where you knew the rules before you played the game. ShapeRockets is the...

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Latest tweets from @echoheadgames

We are shut down but you can follow me @findmattcox now that I work for Gearbox! They make things like Borderlands. :)

Jun 19 2017

Hey folks, if you want to follow updates, follow me @findmattcox - I'm now @GearboxSoftware :)

Apr 25 2017

Sadly, Echohead is shutting down, but very happily, I (@findmattcox) will be joining the amazing team @GearboxSoftware in April!

Mar 13 2017

Big announcement this week. Stay tuned...

Mar 5 2017

RT @JKCorden: This is a good a monologue at an awards show as you will ever see. Brilliant!

Feb 26 2017


Jan 30 2017

Concept art from an on-hold project called DragonRiders. Think X-Wing with dragons. Campaign = Star Fox with dragon…

Jan 9 2017

RT @dannyodwyer: Learn how DOOM's opening level was put together after the team at @idSoftware discovered its self-aware tone.

Dec 14 2016