A small game development studio located in the United States. Making Shreds and Patches.

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Shreds and Patches

Shreds and Patches

Real Time Strategy

A war game of necromancy and robots. A security hole in the world's A.I. caused all robots to turn against us... but you've written a patch that reclaims...

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New interview up! Jeff Vogel @spiderwebsoft of Geneforge, Nethergate, Avernum, and more talks about being an indie… T.co

Aug 30 2019

Thank you to @jwaaaap of Nuclear Throne, Minit, etc. for the interview! Doubtful.games #gamedev #interview #NuclearThrone

Aug 16 2019

From @subsetgames, makers of FTL and Into The Breach - Thank you for the great interview Justin Ma @JarMustard !… T.co

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Aug 4 2019

Version 0.1.3 is out! Nothing groundbreaking with this update, just some housecleaning, but also some news about Di… T.co

Dec 7 2018

Scraps and Patches is now available in Early Access! The team has worked really hard to get it to this point, and w… T.co

Nov 19 2018

Three speed buffs in one level might be just a touch OP! #gamebalance #indiegames T.co

Nov 14 2018

I little on the rough side, but the game now has a fully animated (and functional!) options screen :) #indiedevT.co

Nov 12 2018

Scraps and Patches is officially on steam! #gamedev #indiedev Store.steampowered.com

Nov 1 2018